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Feminist, Am I?

Updated: Nov 11, 2018

Have you ever sat in a room full of women claiming to be feminists? I had the distinct pleasure of this experience for the first time- 5 years ago. Maybe I am at fault for bringing it up but they asked me “what is it that you’re passionate about and would like to bring t o this project?” I simply replied with “feminism”. It was like a sudden fire had begun to burn in their eyes. They became self-righteous, indignant, one could even say that they became the condescending examples of the negative connotations the word feminism receives. The conversation quickly shifted to vagina this, vagina that women! Women! WOMEN! It was a grotesque and overwhelmingly precious moment for me to witness. It was as though they were so desperately trying to be feminist or to just involve themselves in the conversation that they were suddenly forcing themselves to say things that a “feminist” should say. Which brings up the question I know your asking right now, what should a feminist say? or if you are already a feminist it sounds more like “what the hell is that supposed to mean? what should I be saying?” This here is where the real conversation begins.

I only think its fair now to take a moment to introduce the true definition of feminism as depicted in the Meriam-Webster dictionary: Feminism: The theory of the political, economic, and social equality of the sexes. Take a moment, read it again, perhaps even read it aloud. Its an eye opening revelation that this word we are constantly condemning as a society, actually represents what the majority (I use that loosely) of our society wants.

I was once an advocate of this condemnation, but it was because I had no idea what the hell feminism meant. In fact I can remember the first time I was called a feminist, simply because of how angry it made me. I was at lunch with my friend Kris, and I was ranting and raving about how there is no reason why I cant be a successful hard working woman etc etc. It all stemmed from her saying I was too strong and ambitious and my strict set of goals made me intimidating to men. More or less she was giving me a list of the possible reasons why I was single. To which I replied with heated remarks about how if a guy can be overwhelmingly motivated, successful and still be desirable than I should be able to as well. This where the ball got dropped and “sh** got real” , Kris looked up at me and she said “you’re a feminist”. I swear all I saw was RED, “ I am not a feminist! I just believe in equality amongst the sexes! If he can do it, I CAN TOO!”

Turns out I am a feminist.

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